Monday, June 23, 2008

Integrity... Wednesday Night Bible Study

In almost every profession there is a renewed call for integrity among leaders. A fresh call to lead with integrity is happening among leaders in law, medicine, business, education, politics, sports, and ministry, not to mention everyday life. Everyone wants leaders with integrity, thinks it’s important and definitely wants it demonstrated toward them. But fewer and fewer leaders seem to value integrity, know what it is, how to develop it, maintain it personally, or demonstrate it professionally.
Some leaders have a view of integrity that is too simplistic.
If they have not had an affair or stolen money, then they have integrity!
Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Maintaining integrity means more than appropriate sexual and fiscal behavior..
Listen while those are important issues, integrity touches all areas of a leaders life.
On Wednesday in our study we will see a man who has so demonstrated this quality trait known as integrity. Samuel is old and gray headed and now is not bowing out but simply taking a back seat role to what Israel wanted… Much like John the Baptist when he spoke of Jesus.. Saying “ I must decrease and He increase”

That's what we will look at on Wednesday Night... so come on out for a great time in worship and God's WORD...

Also remember as we continue our study in John 19... a study I have entitled " The Day God Died! You don't want to miss it... Sunday @ 10;00 am and invite a friend...

Please pray for Nathalie's extended family, She lost an Uncle this week to a heart attack.. Pray for God comfort and peace in that family...

anyways...God bless and remember I Love you

Pastor Ben

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