Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Lights in the Sancturary

Hey ya'll just got back from working at the church.... We put the Can Lights that we purchased along with all the sound stuff. We finally hung each can light as well as putting new Jells (colored film in front of the light) It really took on a different feel. The ambiance is amazing and the colors really make a very cool look. We are going to purchase a couple more lights and a spot light over our dove. Here are a couple of Pics...

Well better go for now... I need to continue to study...

I love you guy's

Pastor Ben

Sunday, February 11, 2007

"In Christ" on 92.7 KJAK

Hi, just wanted to remind you to listen the " In Christ" Radio Broadcast every Sunday Morning @ 9:30 Am on KJAK 92.7 FM. Also to continue to be fed through out the week, remember these web sites

You will get solid teaching's through out the day, another great source is

pick and choose your teachings... all free.

Well just returned from the Shane and Shane concert at 1st UMC here in Lubbock, what an awesome time worshipping the Lord, Phil Wickam opened the show and I had the pleasure of talking to him after the show. Phil grew up in Calvary's so it was cool.

Well better get ready for tomorrow, I love you guys

Pastor ben

Friday, February 9, 2007

Calvary's Love... Amazing

Hey guys, hope all is well. Sorry i haven't written in a few day's /week's is seems... Well what's new.. Calvary's Love, the cross and the grace of God. Many times I find myself seeking God then for some reason I will stray just a bit off course and then realize where i have been, it only takes a moment but what truly rings so true is God's Grace... the fact that He doesn't toast us and pick some other person to do His work... well it's amazing... I thank God for each and every day that i get to spend with him here on earth. Well I better get to work.

love you guy's

Pastor Ben

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