Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back Home Again

Well, it was the fastest 5 days ever... We just got back from San Antonio yesterday and it seem to be the fastest vacation ever... I was asked today if I was rested and immediately I said no not really... oh well, but it was a grand time.. So good to be back home... just getting into the swing of things is the hard part...

Tonight we have a special Message from Pastor Josh on Holiness... I John 2:15-17

Sunday we are in the book of Acts... Introduction in a message I entitled " The GPS Adventure"

GPS = God's Personal Spirit... other wise known as the Acts of the Holy Spirit..

You don't want to miss a single one... if you happen to miss make sure you get the CD so your all caught up...

anyways... so good to be back... I missed you all..

Love you

Pastor Ben

Monday, August 25, 2008

Church in San Antonio... & Fun

Hey everyone, hope all is well. Having a great time in SA, went to church and just hung out..

Pastor Ron had a baptism and we were invited... God is so good!.. just as the baptism started it began to rain...and rain... we got soaked... but that was cool.

Just hung out at the hotel and ordered in... Today we are headed to the Alamo and River walk...

will post pics later..

I miss you and Love you

Pastor Ben

Church in San Antonio... & Fun

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

Hello, just a short note to say " God is so Good!" we are in Arlington, Tx right now getting ready to go hang out at six flags over Texas. Yesterday just hung out by to pool from around 4:20pm to 8:30pm reading and resting.. some swimming, hot tub ect...

Talia is trying to talk me into some roller coaster rides... I don't know... not a big fan!!!

later tonight we will see Skillet and David Crowder in concert then tomorrow it's off to San Antonio... looks like rain so pray that we will still have a grand time...

Love you guys...

Pastor Ben

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hey it been a week since I last posted anything... What a crazy week it has been. We had a blast on Sunday with a topical message about the prodigal Sons... both of them...if you were not here check it out..Luke 15:11-32

Tonight we are in I Samuel 15: 1-15 in a message entitled " Recipe for Disaster" King Saul is at it again... I hope we can learn from him so we don't make the same mistakes...

Hey this Sunday you will have a guest teacher, Pastor Steve from Calvary Christan Fellowship in Midland Texas will be here sharing while I am on my way to my good friends church in San Antonio, Pastor Ron Arbough... You will be blessed.... We will be back at the beginning of next week , so hope to see you soon.

I will try and post from SA and update you with Pics...

Remember God Loves you Very Much and I do to...

Pastor Ben

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Topical Study this Sunday

Once in a great while, we will break away from our expository style of teaching and do a topical teaching.. Well this Sunday is that day. We will be looking at Luke 15:11-32 in a study called

A Tale Of Two Son's- this will be a great evangelistic message with a invitation at the end. Please bring a unsaved loved one...

You don't want to miss this...

God bless

Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Great Lunch!

Today is a great wise that is... today Dion's gave us a VIP party and for lunch Nathalie and I went to tour their new restaurant on 82nd St. We used to eat at Dion's when we lived in Rio Rancho/ Albuquerque and we loved the food. Today we broke our diet and had pizza...yup planning to go to the gym later.... but it was good, I told Nathalie that we must be getting old cuz going to Dion's for lunch was to much FUN! Anyways we had a blast.. they officially open on Wednesday and the food is great...

Hey don't forget we are in I Samuel 14:24-52 in a message I entitled " Foolish Words brings Trouble" you don't want to miss this.

Sunday we will be doing a Topical Message on Luke 15... dealing with the Prodigal SON(S) yes both ... The younger and older son... and a surprise ending... you don't want to miss this...

Sunday 10:00 am

Saturday is our monthly Men's fellowship breakfast.. come on out for a great time in the word...

God bless

I love you

Pastor Ben

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Hi all, just want to remind you we are back in I Samuel 14 this Wednesday in a message I entitled " The Battle Belongs to the Lord" but the question is.... How do we handle each battle?

Like Jonathan? or Like King Saul?

Make sure you plan on attending... We will learn a great deal from this passage of Scripture.

Don't forget we finish up the book of John on Sunday heading to the book of Acts... my oh my time is flying by....

anyways... hope you have a great week... see you tomorrow....

I love you

Pastor Ben

Friday, August 1, 2008

Do you love Me more than these?

Hey all, Sunday we are continuing our study in the gospel of John, Chapter 21.. In a message I entitled " Do You Love Me More Than These?"

Have you ever wondered what Jesus may have gestured towards when He asked Peter three times "do you love me more than these?

Was it the boat? because Peter had gone back to open waters?

Make sure you attend...

May the Lord bless you and keep you...

I love you...

Pastor Ben

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