Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fort Lauderdale Trip

Pastor Sof and I are in Fort Lauderdale and now in Miami on a whirl wind trip of learning. We spent the day in CC Fort Lauderdale and that was amazing! Its so big... We ended up at my friends Church in Kendall. I Love Pastor Pedro and the ministry team here. Here is a pic of pastor sof and me at calvary ftl, right in front of pastor bob's pulpit... more to follow

Love you

Pastor Ben

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday's Thought Life- Prayer

Hello, hope all is well, things here are going good. Yesterday we learned what the role of the Holy Spirit was in the life of the believer.. Amazing time and Great worship. Well it's Monday and were off the races.... lots to do before this week ends... make sure you go to our calendar so you don't miss anything that's going on...

Here is a quick up date:

Wednesday Night Bible Study: Special message from Pastor Josh

National Day of Prayer - Meet at the court house at 11:50pm to pray with our city leaders

John 16:16-33 next Sunday 10:00am

Women's Brunch- May 10th - Yvonne Vaeena House

Men's Fellowship breakfast - May 17th

SNL- May 18th @ 6:30 pm

Baptism - May 25th at the home of Paul & Mary Matsler

VBS- Meeting on Sunday right after church

So Lot's of things going around here... Hope you can make it... it wouldn't be the same without you..

Here is our encouragement verse of the week:

I Timothy 4:12 Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believer in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

God bless you guys

Love you

Pastor Ben

Friday, April 25, 2008

Movie Tonight

Hey don't forget about our Movie tonight @7:30 pm at Calvary Chapel..
we will be showing the Road to Redemption... a great classic and fun comedy..
Bring your food and will provide the fun...
Hope to see you here!!
Love ya
Pastor Ben

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Make Disciples!

Hello, what a amazing week this has been. I talked to several people and shared the vision that God has given me for this church. I was able to share with Paul, and Pastor Dion, Pastor Steve and a lot of other fellows about the vision and mission of CCL. We are called to Make Disciples. In a city that is filled with people who need Jesus.. Everything we do needs to be filtered through our is it going to make disciples?
How? Well the mission is the way we get to where we are going...right?
Our Mission as a church is: To Teach People To Be Faithful Disciples of Jesus Christ!
Our Purpose for existing... to bring Glory to God in everything we do...
So we are on our way... exciting things are about to happen in this church in the near future...
God is going to be glorified in our lives as we move from compromise to commitment.
Sunday I will be teaching from John 16:8-15 in a message I entitled Life in High Def... Holy Spirit what do you do? Last week we saw Who HE is... now we will look at what His ministry is here on earth. I love it... Invite some friends. WE are on the very threshold of our New updated Radio Program. My really good friend Mike Shaw (more like a brother) is producing them and it sounds fantastic...
We will be on the Radio in San Angelo, Lubbock, and prayerfully in other areas of the country.
Please Pray...
Next Week will be an exciting week.. I will be in Florida for the latter part of the week and will try and post and send pics... Calvary Fort Lauderdale here we come.... cool
Love You
Pastor Ben

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello, it's Monday what a weekend!

Hey, all what a busy weekend we had here.. The women's retreat was this weekend and they left on friday to go t Amarillo, I heard they had an incredible time. Then we had our monthly men's breakfast fellowship and what a great morning that was.. We ate and Pastor Sof spoke on putting the whole armor of God as men...a super great time on Saturday...

Sunday came around and the message was out of John 16:7 (just one verse) but we learned Who the Holy Spirit is.. a awesome 3rd PERSON of the triune Godhead.. we even gave folks a chance who wanted to be prayed for to come forward. Amazing time... went to lunch at Chili's turned around and came back to church for our Afterglow.. called SNL.. sunday night live... we also had a wonderful time of praise and worship..followed by teaching and a time of waiting on the Lord to speak to our hearts. God showed up and we were truly blessed...

so there you have it... totally tired but in a good way.... This Wednesday Night were back in I Samuel 6 .. come on out for a great time and learn about His Word...

Well better go for now

Love you guys

pastor ben

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Men's Breakfast Fellowship

Hey, just want to remind you that our monthly men's breakfast fellowship will be this Saturday at 7:00am .. Pastor Sof will bring a timely message and we will encourage each other through prayer and the word... Don't forget the breakfast (see pic...i wish )
This Sunday I will teach out of John 16:7.. in a message called Life in High Def... Holy Spirit who are you? and next week will be part 2 with Life in High Def.. Holy Spirit what do you do? you don't want to miss a single Sunday... Sunday Night Live will be this Sunday come our for a time of waiting on the Lord... May the Lord bless you and keep you
Love you
pastor Ben

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Corinthians 3:16-17

We are the Temple of God, His precious Holy Spirit dwelling in us. I was reminded of that today, God is Amazing when i get quiet enough, God speaks...
Yesterday was a blast, I taught John 16:1-6 Jesus teaches on persecution, we had a amazing time. The study was kinda heavy but the hope was that Jesus has our other words Jesus says that's My Bride! so He is there in every situation. Then after the teaching I felt the Lord say offer an invite to be my disciples... I was like no way after a teaching like persecution and such.. no one will respond. The Lord impressed me again so I said I challenge you to Join me up front if you want to be His disciple and follow God with all of your heart. All the church came forward and I was blown away... I didn't know what to do... So we all prayed a prayer of commitment to Him.. Awesome!
So later on that day I had a opportunity to play laser tag at Nathalies work.. Lot's of fun and a great work out, so I thought how cool if we could get the whole church to play on one Sunday afternoon, just to hang out, fellowship and get some exercise... I don't think we have any over competitors in our church you (wink,wink) It will be fun...
Well don't forget we are in I Samuel 5 this Wednesday night, looking forward to what God wants to do...
God Bless
Love You

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last Night was Amazing!!

Hey all, last night church was simply amazing... I taught out of I Samuel 4 and the Lord showed up in a big way... The questions we asked ourselves were...
1. Are we clinging to shadows?- past experiences in our walks
2. Has the glory departed from our lives?
Both questions Israel had to ask as the Philistines slaughtered Israel where 34000 men died.. Hophni & Phinenas as well a Eli died... Phinenas wife died.. and the Ark was captured... What a great time in the word... Worship was amazing and I truly loved the sheep God has entrusted me with. Looking forward to this weekend.. we will be in John 16:1-6 Jesus promises we will be persecuted for our faith.. but... We are His Bride and nobody messes with His Bride..Amen...
Also don't forget that Big Daddy Weave will be in concert on Sunday Night at FUMC .
well better go for now...
Love you guys
Pastor Ben

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What a great weekend

Wow, we just came back from our annual Pastor's & Leaders conference in Dallas, we had a great time and the Lord spoke to us concerning discouragement and fear. Then we went to see our youngest daughter in Oklahoma City and had a blast with her. We ate at a great Mexican place, had coffee and Starbucks a all around great time. Pastor Josh brought the teaching on Sunday from I John... came home late last night very exhausted... Praise the Lord on the saddle again and ready for what we need to do... Hey don't forget were in I Samuel 4 this Wednesday, come out for a great time of worship, word and fellowship...
God bless you and remember
I Love You.
Pastor Ben

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