Saturday, November 29, 2008

Engaged to be Married

Well, my oldest daughter Talia is Engaged to be Married.... that's right.. last night Matt Delgado proposed to Talia and well... my little girl is grown up! I love the what her grandparents said when Talia called and told them the news...
Grandma said... What did he propose? haha... and Papa said in the same breath... did you tell him maybe in 10 yrs! I love my in laws... they have a great sense of humor.. anyways... they are working on a date..sometime in the summer...yikes! Ask me how I am doing then... My youngest in already married and living in OKC and now Talia... I pray the very best for both... it was going to happen I know... but I prayed for the rapture to come 1st...
so here are some pics from last night... we are getting a good man as a son-in-law...

Remember Jesus Loves you and I do to!

Pastor Ben

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In2Books said...

Wow Ben! Those words from a "daddy" about his precious little girl, just brought tears to my eyes.

I was blessed for having read this testimony and am thrilled to see all the personal touches and hard work you put in to being an online witness!

keep up the good work,
Sandy Koster

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