Friday, January 5, 2007

Pastor Ben's first blog

What is a blog??? When i first heard of blogging i thought that something wierd would happen. But as i see other calvary chapel pastors blogging i decided to create one of my own.
Well it's been 3 yrs since we started the church here in lubbock and God is moving in some mighty amazing ways... We have moved twice since our inception in 2003 and God has bless us in so many ways... We now occupy a 8000 sq ft building right in the center of the city. We give all the praise and glory for what he has done in our lives. Well that's all i have for now. check back soon and i will have more.
God bless
Pastor Ben
Calvary Lubbock

1 comment:

Talia Martinez said...

What a blessing to hear about what the Lord is doing in your life! God is good,and so are blogs! Keep in touch...:)

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