Monday, March 16, 2009


Been thinking about journaling lately... really sitting down and allowing the Lord to speak but taking some time to write down what the Lord has said...
see at times He speak so clear... I love it... but as human as I am... I forget... yes that's right... sometimes forget what God has said... so in prayer I have decided to begin journaling again...
what ever the Lord wants to speak... I will write down and refer to from time to time...
Here is an except for journaling...hope it blesses you...

Journaling - A Form of Worship-Journaling can be a form of worship. In solitude, we can explore the blessing of writing our hearts to God. We don't have to be professional writers, or even good writers - it's all about the passion for God in our hearts. Journals and letters are powerful tools for recording thoughts, prayers, fears and miracles in our lives. Writing our hearts to God is a fantastic compliment to our daily devotionals with Him.

Journaling - Seek God and Hear His Whispers---Journaling typically works best in a quiet place. Find a daily retreat and explore the power of meditative prayer and writing in your life. Learn to seek God's face during your alone times with Him. Through writing, learn to hear God's whispers in your life…

Reflect… Who are you? What is your background? What experiences brought you to this time and place in your life?

Release… What life changing mistakes have you made? Are there any buried mistakes in your life that still hold you back? Have you released your mistakes to God, so you can experience His true blessings for your life?

Surrender… What event or series of events in your life brought you to your knees? Where did you focus your thoughts and efforts during crisis? When did you turn it all over to God?

Praise… What victories have you experienced in your life? What blessings has God brought your way? Think about God's role in your life, and give Him thanks for all you have?

I Love you
Pastor Ben

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